Wijdan Al-Majid
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  • Acrylic Glass print by the artist Wijdan Al-Majid.
  • Gallery-standard capture of artwork, with UV direct printing on to the interior glass.
  • Handmade to order by the specialist team at Gelato.
  • Product Description

    • Shatter and scratch resistant 4mm-thick acrylic glass.
    • Delivered ready for hanging, with hassle-free instructions provided.
    • The artwork is intensified with rich colours and a unique depth effect.
    • A modern, stylish decoration for a dramatic focal point.
    • The gallery-standard capture of artwork is setup and managed in Iraq by Mutanabbi Street.
  • Artwork Description

    • Baghdad experiences severe traffic congestion, and lacks the modern infrastructure to manage the gridlock.
    • Impoverished children can be seen cleaning the windscreens of cars, hoping for a tip, often aggravating the already frustrated drivers.
    • Here the artist honours the “street kids” in a series of still portraits, depicting them in a light not seen, away from their work.
  • Artist Bio

    • A senior lecturer in the fine art faculty at the University of Baghdad.
    • The beloved artist of the capital, whose murals can be found across the historic city.
    • You can follow the artist on Instagram here.

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