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The National football team ❤️

The Iraqi players across Europe with our iPhone cases, celebrating the Iraqi artists back home.

Beautify Your Moments

iPhone Cases

Go beyond the changing fashion trends, and embrace the timeless style of art.

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Brighten your home with elegance and character, instead of the soulless and generic.

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Hardback Journals

Feel inspired to reflect and rebalance, by the land where writing was invented.

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Uplift the atmosphere at your events, when hosting friends or family, with a special touch.

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Device Sleeves

Express your taste around you, while relaxing on your iPad, or working hard on your MacBook.

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Original Paintings

Access the leading galleries inside Iraq, to hang a collectible on your wall.

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Where Your Experience Becomes Folklore

A celebration on Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad, organised by the local community for the artist Abbas Kazhoor.

To congratulate him on his popular iPhone case with students, through our collaboration with the Iraqi societies at four universities:

King's College London - Queen Mary University of London - Imperial College London - University of Oxford

The charm and mystique of the oldest culture, where your experience becomes its folklore.

The Baghdad College of Fine Arts ❤️

We began at the oldest institution, with lecturers in the College of Fine Arts at Baghdad University, before we spread across Iraq.

The tribute of the diaspora to our homeland. We could move away, but could not move on.

Where art takes on a life of its own

1938: The Origin

Modern Iraqi art began as a bubbling melting pot, mixing European techniques with Mesopotamian heritage.

It carved its own identity and emerged as the regional pioneer.

Many Iraqi artists earned global recognition, from Hafidh Al-Droubi to Suad Al-Attar.

1980: The Beautiful Sanctuary

Iraq entered a dark era of tyranny and conflict.

But its art scene was insulated from globalisation, where the outside market pressured artists to compete for prestige and money.

The oldest culture was a sanctuary with its own traditions and values, built on the love for art itself, not what it can earn.

2022: Mutanabbi Street

We honour their spirit, tell their story, and reintroduce their art.

To bring collectors items from distant galleries into your lifestyle.

For art to take on a life of its own. From the places it visits, to the moments it beautifies. The artist gives it, for you to take over.