Abbas Kazhoor
Abbas Kazhoor
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  • Framed Canvas print by the artist Abbas Kazhoor.
  • Gallery-standard capture of artwork, Giclée printed on finely textured cotton canvas.
  • Handmade to order by the specialist team at Prodigi, the global leader in fine art reproduction, who deliver for museums in London.
  • Product Description

    • Giclée printing uses 12 pigment inks for the sharpest detail and colour range, compared to the 4 dye inks in ordinary printing.
    • Frame created with high-quality wood, sourced from sustainable forests.
    • Includes a floating border for simple and elegant design.
    • 100+ year guarantee for no discolouration or fading.
    • The gallery-standard capture of artwork is setup and managed in Iraq by Mutanabbi Street.
  • Artwork Description

    • On 7th April 1980, Saddam Hussein ordered his army to round up the Feyli Kurds from their houses in Baghdad and exile them out of Iraq.
    • They were left empty-handed and homeless, not able to take their possessions and not able to say their goodbyes.
  • Artist Bio

    • A graduate in fine art from Baghdad University.
    • He can be found on Friday mornings in Qishleh courtyard of Mutanabbi Street, exhibiting his paintings.
    • You can follow the artist on Instagram here.

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