Our Roadmap


An exclusive and premium range of home decor and lifestyle products, connecting Iraqi artists with UK manufacturing, and shifting fine art away from elitism so all can appreciate it.

For you to express your taste in art, empower your favourite artists and own statement pieces with a backstory, amidst the banality of mass production.


Finally opening the door for art curators at galleries, fairs, museums and auction houses to access the Iraqi art scene.

A hidden reservoir of remarkable talent with a special place on the global stage, representing the world’s oldest culture.

Their unique view has not been heard, or rather, it has not been seen and felt.


Digital collections and experiences on FLOW, the environment-friendly blockchain that is purpose-built for NFTs; home to NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day and UFC Strike.

NFTs present the exciting convergence of art and tech, combining tradition with innovation.

But we are avoiding the current speculation frenzy to protect the integrity of the artists.


Bring the brand to life in the coming evolution of the internet, with an art-themed VR world, taking you from passive consumption into active immersion.

For couples to ride Meshouf canoes on the Tigris river, for friends to take avatar group selfies with the Mutanabbi statue, for families to watch performances at the Qishleh, and for those who got a seat to hear each other tell stories on stage in Shabandar Cafe.

Get ready to pull out your favourite Iraqi art t-shirt from your virtual wardrobe, for a night out on Mutanabbi Street. It’s making a comeback, except this time bigger and better.